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Group training sessions

Individual dog training.Rate per session for the standard group training sessions is PHP 500.00 per person participating in the training. This rate is only valid if paid at least one week (7 days) before the training date/time. If paid in the (last) week before the training the rate is PHP 750.00 per person. On-site payment on the date of training is PHP 1,000.00 per person for the first person. Please note I cannot guarantee a slot on the training day itself.

If a person from a family decides to join on the day of training as additional person the rate of PHP 500.00 applies.

'Watchers' can join for free.

Each dog needs to be accompanied by at least one person.

Rate for children up to twelve years old is PHP 250.00, regardless of time of payment.

Reason for charging per person and not per dog is that I normally teach people how to handle dogs. Just to be clear: I don't teach client dogs tricks, I teach people how to deal with their dogs.

Individual sessions

Individual dog training.I don't have specific rates for individual training sessions. And yes, I understand that my standard phrase "just pay me what you think my service is worth" is kind of an impossible statement for most people.

Why do I state something like that? Well, I guess for two reasons:

  • personal pride and insecurity;
  • making the training accessible for everybody.

So what is the pride thing? Well, of course I hope I am good at what I am doing and I believe I offer a unique service, similar to what Cesar Millan is doing. So I hope that people think my service is worth a lot and pay me accordingly.

And the insecurity thing? Well, like I guess every human being I feel somehow insecure, no, not with dogs, but in other matters, yes, especially in matters of work and earnings. So people paying me a lot just boosts my self confidence. It is just that simple.

Last, but certainly not the least, I believe want my services being available to everybody, regardless of class or income or financial capacity. So I want to be affordable for everybody and that would even go as far as offering my service for free to people who really can't afford anything.

Yes, you may say, but can you give me an indication for the amount I am going to pay? Well, of course I can, but then again, in the end, it is only you who can only decide what the value of my service is. Here are some thoughts though:

  • in the Philippine setting I guess a fair fee for half a day of individual dog training service would be something like PHP 1,000.00;
  • most people have paid between PHP 500.00 and PHP 2,500.00 per session for my individual training session services, depending on the situation;
  • if you are completely unsatisfied with my services then you may not want to pay me at all; you may want to consider my time and travel expenses though and pay me a little for that;
  • from where I come from I would expect to be paid something like PHP 3,000.00 per session, also taking into account I am offering a pretty unique service;
  • looking from a Philippine point of view someone might earn something like PHP 200.00 pesos per day; in such a case a fair rate to me would be something like PHP 200.00 per session, considering I have travel expenses and the fact that I am not earning that much as of the moment.